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Jet-setter, best-selling author and intrepid entrepreneur for shelter dogs, high-flying Joanne Lefson is living her life’s passions and purpose. In 2009, she took made history when she took her adopted dog ‘Oscar' around the world, travelling across 5 continents in just 9 months. As the world’s most experienced human when it comes to pioneering pooch travel, Joanne aims to bring you the world's top spots so that you too can blaze your own trail and share life’s adventures with your best friend. For the scoop on Joanne, visit

(a.k.a. Phileas Dogg)

Adopted in 2020 from a South African shelter, chilled-out Frankie has landed with his bum in the butter. Rising from homeless hound to global jet setter, this outrageously cute, well-mannered hound is always ready to go wherever Jo goes; on a mission to show you why  the journey ahead is just better when you take your dog along for the ride!


German-born ‘Kiki’ has thrived in the travel business for over 20 years. With experience beyond the sunrise, there’s simply no one better equipped to design your dream destination with your best buddy. Kirsten is also a dog fanatic, so you can be sure that when she crafts the arrangements, her first love ‘Holly’ will be right on her toes, ensuring that your dog gets all the royal treatment, first-hand!


Oscar was adopted from a South African shelter in 2004 and went on to become the most travelled dog in history. Oscar’s acclaimed travels included walking along the Great Wall of China, kissing the Taj Mahal, climbing Machu Picchu, sailing the Amazon, hanging out in Hollywood and hang gliding over Rio. Oscar passed away in 2013, but his legacy continues through Frankie - and the non-profit Oscars Arc as lasting tributes to the dog who’s life and endearing friendship inspired so many. For more about Oscar, visit wikipedia or


Joanne adopted ‘Slumdog' Rupee from a remote desert in the Indian Himalayas in 2013. The duo flew to Kathmandu later that year and trekked to Base Camp on Mount Everest. It was the first confirmed expedition to the landmark by a dog and Rupee’s conquest of Everest raised widespread awareness for the plight of Asia’s street dogs and served as a tribute to their resilience and potential. For more about Rupee, visit


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