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Joanne Lefson embarked on the ‘World WOOF Tour’ with her adopted dog ‘Oscar’; a global adventure aimed to raise widespread awareness for the plight of shelter dogs. It was also the foundation to understand the complexities of travelling with a dog. The World WOOF Tour confirmed Oscar as the first and only dog to have ever travelled around the world, transversing 35 countries across 5 continents in a 9 month period. Highlights included Joanne and Oscar walking the Great Wall of China, making a splash in Trevi Fountain, riding a camel near Pakistan, climbing Machu Picchu, drifting down the Amazon, sailing the Med, posing in Red Square and hang gliding over Rio. Oscar made a host of media appearances which included sitting alongside the Good Morning America team for the Breakfast Show in Time’s Square. Lefson wrote a best-selling book 'Ahound The World' about their travels and they continued to travel, facilitating speaking engagements about their adventures to global audiences. When Oscar passed away in California in 2013, Lefson returned to South Africa and founded a dynamic dog adoption initiative in his honour. 'Oscars Arc’ WOOF Project remains one of the most dynamic and successful dog adoption agency on record.

The inaugural World WOOF Tour was followed by ‘Expedition Mutt Everest'. On this high-mountain adventure in 2013, Joanne took a street dog from Northern India up Mount Everest (Nepal) with Rupee becoming the first dog to have ever been documented making it all the way to Base Camp. Both roads have lead to PHILEAS DOGG - Around the World in 80 Destinations. This the latest venture will have Joanne taking Frankie farther than any dog has gone before  in order to bring the world of exclusive travel with a dog a reality for those who have dreamt of doing the same, but have never had the experience to know how.

"Travelling the world with Oscar was a multitude of extraordinary experiences. I will forever be grateful for every mile and memory with this exceptional dog who ultimately inspired a new generation of dog traveler's and dog adopters through his unforgettable charm and charismatic endeavours."


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