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In 2009, Joanne Lefson traveled around the world with her adopted dog ‘Oscar’. In this very first World WOOF Tour and a record-breaking achievement. The duo visited 36 countries across 5 continents making Oscar  the first and only dog to have ever circumnavigated the world and Lefson, the most experienced jet-setter pertaining to extensive travel with a dog. Now, Joanne is on the canine trail again, embarking on another historic world tour. Follow Joanne and ‘Phileas Dogg ‘Frankie’ as they embark on the World WOOF Tour ‘2’  bringing you 80 of the world’s most ‘Divine Destinations’; the most interesting, extraordinary and exclusive places to see and stay with your dog.  From Brazil to Bhutan, Miami Beach to Manilla, Canine to Cairo, be inspired to pack your bags, grab your dog and to follow their lead.


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